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    Santa Catalina Islandball

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    Santa Catalina Islandball
    PersonalityNice, Island
    Language(s)English Spanish
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsSan Clemente Islandball
    Historical information

    Santa Catalina Islandball is an islandball of the USAball, located in Californiaball, the golden stateball.


    The First Start

    Back in 50,000 BC, water started to expand into North America, the water expanded more, by global warming and creating the new island Santa Catalina Islandball, but in 2000 BC, it was settled as a 2ball.


    In 1542 the island was discovered by the Spanish Empireball, and then the Spanish colonized mainland California in the 1600's.

    Mexican Independence

    In 1810-1821 the Mexican Empireball won it's independence from the Spanish Empireball after rebelling against the Spanish.

    Mexican-American War

    After Texasball joined the USAball, Mexicoball officaly declared war on the USAball, after the war the USAball won, gaining Californiaball.

    Americans Found the Island

    In the 1900's, the Americans found the island and put buildings in there, in 1913, Avalon was founded.


    Today, the island has tourists from the Catalina Express, which people still go there as of today, people do live in the island.


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